Introduce yourself :-)

Please feel free to use this thread to post a brief (or not so brief) introduction! Tell who you are, where you come from, what brings you here, and what you’re would like to use this community for.

James Zaki from Sydney, Australia. Engineer, developer, and education-enthusiast.
Helping out with Bokky’s Ethereum Meetups running “code-togethers”, and in touch with other Sydney Ethereum/Blockchain meetups (also run OzBerry IoT Meetup).
Thanks for organising the first call :slight_smile:

Wayne van Niekerk from Cape Town, South Africa. Blockchain Newbie, Creator and people enthusiast. I am the community manager for Protea, a product of Linum Labs. I’m involved with the planning of Cape Town Meetups hosted by Linum as well as the planning of ETH Cape Town. In addition to this I’m looking to connect Organizers from around the world to better our community.

I love photography and guitar.

I am from Copenhagen in Denmark, where I am one of the organizers of the Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup. Through my work in the social lab I engage in multiple experiments to learn how we can become better at collaborating across all levels of society.

I like to kitesurf and read books

Harith Kamarul from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m working at HelloGold and organising the ETHKL meetup along with others from HelloGold and Etherscan. I find myself coming back to Ethereum because I’m always learning something new (not even on programming!). Came to this community so I can meet, learn from, and build a network with other ETH meetup organisers =)

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Harith! How did your recent Meetup go?