Community Meeting #1 Agenda and Debrief

The first online community call will be on 28 November 2018, 4:30 pm GMT, where we will make a plan for how to get this community started.

Sign up and choose topics via link below:

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  • Agenda Item Description
  • Call Introduction & Purpose Briefing - Florianand Wayne
  • Discourse Page & Vision for the site - Troels
  • Open Floor Discussion on topics listed below
  • Quick Reflection (Retro tool or just discuss)
  • Set date for follow-up call

Call rules:

  • Stay on mute to minimize noise while others are talking
  • Be respectful of everyone on the call
  • During the open discussion, raise your hand to speak (raise hand function on zoom) or ask questions & make comments via the chat tool

Next call:

  • We will take feedback from this call to make improvements moving forward - suggestions welcome!
  • Different moderators, presenters & topics will be chosen based on community feedback

Please note:

  • Calls will be recorded and made available online
  • This is our first experiment with the online get-together (bare with us)
  • If you have any suggestions or require any additional information, feel free to reach out

Why do we as Organizers care about the ETH Meetup community and what are we, as organizers, looking to accomplish?

  • At their core, enabling coordinated collaboration
  • Essentially capitalizing on the wisdom and knowledge amongst organizers to build on the pool of resources & best practices in an effective manner, driving efficient community growth
    • Channels of communication = telegram, Discourse
  • The main reason we’re having the monthly call is to take the Organizer relationship further and by doing so, building up the ETH Meetup community.
  • This style of communication will aim to fastrack growth around new Meetup initiatives driven by collaboration and allow minds to brainstorm solutions to unique pain points that certain Organizers are experiencing.
  • Try bring everyone together on a global scale
  • Engage in constructive conversation around the ETH Meetup Community in an approachable setting.
  • A "Round table" type meeting that may involve:
    • Meetup Content planning,
    • Meetup Marketing & Funding,
    • Catering your Meetups for levels of interest
    • Anything an Organizer would like to discuss
    • We’re looking to push forward and strive for a united ETH Meetup Community, run by the community.


  • Troels from ETH Copenhagen felt a place to share knowledge & resources was needed and a platform to allow people to ask questions around meetups & beyond.
  • This was lacking in the ETH Organizer Community
  • Troels put together which is a combined forum & resource sharing tool. A place to categorise & store resources for other members to access.
  • Provides a monthly summary update on changes within the site i.e. changes within each categorised folder allowing one to follow updates of interest. This can be done Daily is needed.
  • Discourse Run-through - setup similar to that of ETH Magicians DevRel Ring
    • List Meetups and their types along with resources used at the meetup
    • Call Agenda, Pre-Call discussions
  • Need help to categorise and make the page more intuitive.
  • Sharing content used for workshops & execution followed by sharing the results of the approach based on the audience and format.
    • Sharing resources is important but feedback on using those resources is equally valuable.
    • Reports on what worked and didn’t work
  • Work towards driving traction of the discourse page with back & forth referral to the discourse page.
  • Share project landscape amongst groups to look into contribution opportunities or background on the project other Meetups may have already hosted.


  • Security & Privacy
  • Admin of discourse can impersonate and send messages as another user
  • This group is in the spirit of collaboration so the chances of this type of malicious intent is not likely but must remain a concern.
  • We need to look into improving the UX in order to assist will adoption as it’s not too intuitive as it is. Front end landing page with more styles for example?


  • Encourage experience to present, to share their wisdom and then share on the discourse page.


Making your Meetup Periodic & Sustainable

  • “Just host them, they will hopefully grow organically. (eg OzBerry-IoT meetup attendees who eventually attend after many events go by)” - James Zaki
  • Leverage off other telegram groups to fill your content plan for your meetup
    • Sydney mixed telegram groups: organisers, speakers etc
  • Small collaborative, more intimate meetups are an option.
  • Focus on the people who are keen to learn and the numbers will follow.
  • What works very beyond the traditional “Lecture”-type meetup is free-flowing conversation
    • Rotating panel (FishBowl) format from Web3Summit Giveth Node: "Decentralize NOW!"
    • Induces evolving conversation.
  • Consider open Coding sessions - have your closer, regular members commit to these first.
  • An effective Monthly Meetup (Flagship meetup) format that is working for ETH Malaysia:
    • Local Developer Present a current project he is working on
    • 2 Guest Speakers (Local or international)
    • Fireside Chat/Q&A Session
    • Open Networking
  • If you’re involved with projects that have funding, look to leverage off their office space and minor sponsorship of food.
    • In order to convince companies for funding, use the argument that they can sponsor meetups to look for any future employees and flesh out a prospective employee database. This indirect investment could benefit the company in the future as they have better access to skilled employees. ENsure you approach bigger companies in advance as they will need to decide on this internally.
    • Consider partnering with student bodies in surrounding schools/colleges/universities to become ambassadors. These ambassadors could then create new leads to particular resources and members (space).
    • In terms of seeking out venues, co-working spaces could help in this regard too.
    • Consider optional donations at the end of the meetup to assist with expenses.
    • Meetup funding, will ask Grants group if funding meetups is a possibility.

Member Retention

  • DELIVER GOOD CONTENT = People will show up
  • Don’t focus on numbers, focus on who’s interested. Numbers will follow.
  • If space is limited and in-demand, charge for spaces to ensure attendance - adds skin in the game.

Making your Meetup more intimate and practical

For example Crypto Zombies Workshops, catering for levels of skill & interest

  • Gather people who are interested in a particular skill set that you are then able to offer new learnings on.
  • For example look to build a tangible end-result over a given period
    • Like ETH Toronto did where they developed a working coffee & gumball machine using blockchain. Focusing on all aspects going into the project (UX, Coding etc)
    • Can watch progression over the weeks, sense of the accomplishment
    • Note what your audience is looking for and cater for that i.e know your community.

Common Challenge mentioned by Brian from ETH Seoul:

With local projects being developed how do we, as organizers, attract attention outside of the local community in order to create global exposure. If we can attract global exposure, this will encourage our local community to innovate and create more real-life projects/startups. Essentially how we as organizers provide a means for local projects gain the exposure they deserve through collaboration of Organizers around the world. What would be the best to work on this? = CREATE OPPORTUNITY for our Communities.

Automatic Resource Gathering around meetups

  • Systemic information sharing
  • API data gathering
    • Nathan Waters (member of our telegram group) pooled Ethereum meetups via API.* James Zaki to follow up on this

Follow-up Call logistics to be done on DISCOURSE

  • Suggested Date (Take into account for festive season)
  • Time zone (San Fran or Singapore)
  • Mediator for Call #0002
  • Timekeeper for Call #0002
  • Volunteer to Debrief for Call #0002

Thanks James Zaki for your 3:30am brain notes!

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